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Bingo Articles, Kiwi Bingo UK's at it again. This awesome British 90 Ball bingo site has another exclusive giveaway for Kiwi players. First it was the Great PC Giveaway, and now it's the Days of Summer – Bistro Set Giveaway. There's nothing better than two great Kiwi gi

* Read and research new things. So many great promotions are going on now with the holidays and New Year coming. Look to them and see what’s out there and how you can apply it to your business. Take advantage of the teleclasses and seminars that are offer

“Having a jackpot winner like this is just fantastic” said Sarah-Jane Connors, spokeswoman for Bingo Boogie. “We give away thousands of pounds in smaller denominations every day but to have one player scoop over £10,000 pounds is just fantastic. The curre

“Ms. Banks won the next to last bingo number was called”, Susan Collier, a spokeswoman for Victoryland said. “You have 46 chances to cover and get bingo. She got it on the 45th ball that dropped.”

“The grand opening is an opportunity to for us to introduce the project to the public,” said Dan Stromer, general manager of Meskwaki. “There have been lots of questions and anticipation and we’re finally able to open the doors and welcome people in.”

“We were just about start and had called the first number on the cash bingo, but nobody missed out and we played the whole session, and everyone has been offered a free session next week to make up for the inconvenience.”

• It was known as ‘Housie Housie’ and was held in large marquees before they moved into halls. It was played on cards and you placed your token on your card when the numbers were called. The winner would call ‘HOUSE’.

1. Check that the link and the referral code are correct. 2. Remember that you will only be rewarded for referring new bingo members. If a referred player is already a registered player, you cannot earn revenues from that player. is powered by Parlay Entertainment. Parlay Entertainment Inc. is the world's leading developer and dominant licensor of Internet Bingo solution. Pease visit for more details.

2) Every online bingo site employs secure socket layer (SSL) encryption software. SSL uses 128-bit encryption to protect all data sent between the casino and the player and to protect the data sent between the bingo site and credit card companies.


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