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Bingo Online

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“[I’m very proud of] the amount of effort the project workers and our staff have put into this project,” Stromer said. “It’s mostly satisfying because just seeing it gives me a sense of accomplishment. The finished project is one that can easily stack up

“I couldn’t stop crying when they told me. I am just over the moon”, she said. The winner, who does not want to be named, explained that she plans to buy the council house where she lives with her husband and take her 27-year-old daughter to a holiday in

“Oh my goodness, did I really win $1500.00????? I can’t believe it. I have never won money like this before at bingo. Oh my, Oh my!! Now what do I do?” Now that is the big question. What to do once you have a good win.

“The outcome of the strategic review will not result in an instant turnaround but we are convinced hat the efforts of your new board will be reflected in a medium to long term strategy that creates a viable growth business delivering enhanced returns for

“We’re thrilled that two Kiwi Skill players made it into the finals in the World Wide Web games. We’re rooting for Kelli and Derek all the way and hope one of them comes out the champion," commented Gary Jensen of Kiwi Skill. “It’s amazing how fast this i

• Social clubs must have at least 25 members in order to hold internet bingo games on their premises. The club’s established purpose must be for reasons other than gambling and members of the public are not allowed to participate in games. There is no leg

1. They are marketed as UK sites, aimed at UK players. And because they are billed as UK sites, of course most of the players are from the UK! So you’ll be playing against, and more importantly chatting to, fellow Brits.

16. What is the inside of a Gala Bingo Club or Casino like?Clubs range from new, purpose-built buildings to older, more traditional venues. Some have listed building status due to their history and architecture, such as the Gala Tooting Bingo Club. All

2. Although online bingo is completely secure and it is safe to deposit, players should read the terms and conditions of a bingo site before depositing there. Players should make sure they understand, for example, the bingo site’s policy regarding withdra


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