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Bingo Sites, * Flashboard. Again, depending on the size of the audience you want to invite, a flashboard can be considered as necessary or a matter of mere preference. The numbers that will appear will be displayed on the flashboard for everyone to see, with each numb

“First thing I did was phone my four kids who of course had it all spent in minutes or so they thought, my win has for my replacement windows upstairs with a bit left over for when I have had time to get over the shock and help with the cost of Xmas I hav

“Katherine Riley, InterBingo manager was very excited and pleased that the mounting pot at InterBingo was finally taken off her hands. Last few weeks there has been so much excitement running through the online bingo halls with everyone trying their luck

“The ban has had a far greater impact on the industry than had been anticipated. This situation has been created by government legislation rather than market forces. The legislators have a responsibility to help with the situation they have created”, a sp

“We are using the SSL Protocol with 128 bit encryption to provide security as well as privacy between our servers and your computer. By using this process, it makes it impossible for anyone to gain access to your private and confidential information.”

• According to the Gaming Act of 1968, young people under the age of 18 are allowed on the premises where a licensed internet bingo game is being held as long as they do not take part in the game.

1) When choosing your internet bingo nickname (this is the name you will go by when playing the game) do not choose a name that is obviously offensive to other players.

11. We no longer trade links with sites using Linksmanager unless the link to our site is to be on a hard coded page. You can search in their search box for their link to your site and if they are still linking to you, your URL and site description will b

1st Rule of Online Bingo: Know your local lawUnfortunately, in some places, it is illegal to play for real money online. Know your legal status in your home state, province, territory, country before wagering cash. Online bingo laws are always changing an

2. THE CAMARADERIE: You might think playing bingo online wouldn't be a social experience. Actually, it's quite the opposite. Online bingo sites have Chat Rooms which mimic the table talk found in bingo halls.


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