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Bingo Web Sites, * Get moving online. Go to the message boards and chats and network. Meet people and introduce you and your business. Offer tips and suggestions and actively be a part of the forum. I’ve been in business since 1985 so this year I will be celebrating 20 ye

“From a customer's perspective, this integrated approach is the most expeditious and compliant means of processing electronic bingo sales. This is the optimal environment.”

“Keeping active chat lines running takes up a lot of bandwidth, so we tried to create several games without it,” said Anthony Wayne, an online consultant for Curacao-based Bingo site “Each game failed miserably. Chat is very important to t

“The bingo activity keeps on handling an uncomfortable situation because there are no specific regulations, and this has generated many doubts in businessmen and workers, as well as worry in millions of people attending bingo rooms and playing for fun and

“We just love giving away big prizes to our players,” said the Kiwi Bingo spokesperson. “The players make Kiwi Bingo the great place it is, so we try to make sure they all know their happiness is our priority. For all the new players out there, come on in

• Be aware of the fact that you should never bang while you are dabbing. Dabbers work much better only if you dab lightly. If you bang hard then your dabber well may leak.

1. An Affiliate signs-up to the terms and conditions of Affiliates4Bingo Affiliate Agreement, and receives a URL encoded with their unique Affiliate ID that they will use to advertise our Bingo Partners.

11. What are the chances of winning at bingo?Statistically you are 13 times more likely to win £100,000 on the national bingo game than winning the same prize on a lottery ticket.

1st tip: Employ this 'one-way' winning strategy: Start with minimal bets. When winning, intensify the betting progressively as you win risking only a calculated portion of your wins. Put NO limit to winnings as long as profit is progressing.

2. When a Website visitor clicks on the Affiliate's link, two things occur: (i) the visitor is redirected to affiliates4bingo Website and (ii) a small piece of information called a 'cookie' is written to the visitor's browser. The cookie stores the referr


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